There are a number of core values which drive our business and ensure that we achieve our objectives of creating a truly world-class center of learning. Our “IDEAS” philosophy forms the basis of everything that we do in our university.

  • Innovation (I): Innovation is the core component and foremost consideration in everything we do. We believe it is the key factor for being unique and adding enhanced value to the experiences of our customers. Therefore, as we focus on creating exciting and rewarding experiences and breaking new grounds, we hope that we can truly help to make positive impacts in society. We believe that the future belongs to the innovators.
  • Discipline (D): Our resolve to become a world-class institution is hinged upon our ability to be disciplined. We set high standards for everyone in order to become a benchmark for others to follow. We will remain resolute and undeterred even in the face of challenges in our drive towards becoming a world-leading university.
  • Excellence (E): We believe in being the best, giving the best and helping everyone achieve their best. As we work towards being a world-class institution of popular choice for Nigerians and other people abroad, our commitment to excellence will remain at the heart of our services. Members of our university will understand and display our great spirit of excellence which will truly set us apart far and above those from other institutions.
  • Ambitious (A): We always want to explore and go further, faster and smarter beyond every limit possible. We will always seek to move to the next highest level possible when everyone around is content with where they are. We always want to make breakthroughs in our university which will have both local and global impacts and we strongly believe that we will produce Nobel Prize winners in the future.
  • Satisfaction (S): We are fully committed to delivering quality service to our customers and ensuring that their needs are met so that they can be satisfied with us. We truly value the relationships that we create when we partner with our students and their families as well as other institutions and corporate bodies that we work with. Therefore, we will give the best to ensure that whoever is concerned is satisfied with our service to them.