Vision: To be a world-class library capable of delivering high content materials and services to readers across the entire Greenfield University community.

Mission: To provide up-to-date, bespoke and high impact ICT resources needed to support top quality teaching, learning and research within Greenfield University.


The Greenfield University library team made up of proactive and self-motivated digital compliant staff provides the university community access to over 10 million digital information resources purposefully aimed at supporting teaching, learning and research. With over 3,000 hard copy books, 300 journals, 400 general information resources and access to various digital repositories, the library is able to meet the needs of readers across the entire university.

To enable smooth and effective delivery of its goals, the library team has carefully planned and implemented 10 innovative services. These include the following:

  • Customer care services
  • Teaching services
  • Learning services
  • Research services
  • Quiet reading space
  • Collaborative study space
  • Presentation/training space
  • Virtual/e-library services
  • Institutional repository
  • Databases and digital books services

These are services that are provided to every registered member (staff, students, researchers and community members) of the library to meet their needs.

The aim of the customer care services is to provide information resources and services to support teaching, learning and research in the university. The working principles of the customer care services include:

  • Customer first
  • Customer is valued
  • Provide timely and efficient services to customers
  • Each customer requires unique services
  • Each customer requires unique information resources
  • Customer needs are dynamic and must be understood and met

Functions of the customer care services include:

  • Providing a point of reference for inquiries from all registered members of the library
  • Registering library users for access to library services
  • Providing user management and control
  • Disseminating relevant updates to library users from the library team

These are primary services provided by the library team towards academic staff of the university aimed at ensuring that teaching is easy, impactful and interesting. Functions of the teaching services include:

  • Researching into the latest teaching methodologies and best practices to share with academic staff of the university
  • Collection of relevant information resources based on every course content in the university
  • Dissemination of collated information to all academic staff concerned

This bespoke service is tailored towards ensuring that students receive the necessary support needed to enhance their learning experience within the duration of their study. Students of all capabilities are supported to ensure that their learning is optimal and their experience is enjoyable. Functions of the learning services include:

  • Providing comfortable and flexible indoor learning spaces
  • Exploration of collaborative learning techniques among students
  • Fostering of peered group learning
  • Organizing presentation and public speaking learning
  • Conducting study skill training for students

These services have been carefully designed to assist researchers and scholars with the latest information on new releases in various fields. Functions of the research services include:

  • Compilation of research needs of staff and students in the university
  • Organizing academic social media training
  • Compilation of information relating to grants and scholarships opportunities
  • Providing updates on current research trends
  • Providing information on upcoming local and international conferences, workshops and training
  • Providing notifications on deadlines for upcoming events
  • Providing data collection and analysis tools/methodologies services
  • Organizing relevant training on how to conduct research
  • Providing access to research information resources such as dictionaries, encyclopedia, bibliographies and assignment guides

The library offers quiet reading spaces to assist readers with special needs to maximize their learning experience. Located within the central library, the quiet reading space is open to everyone and can be used for teaching, learning and research purposes.

Readers are exposed to comfortable seating arrangements, computer sets, free WIFI for internet connectivity as well as access to online and offline resources. Light refreshment is also within reach.

Readers are exposed to comfortable seating arrangements, computer sets, WIFI for internet connectivity as well as access to online and offline resources. Light refreshment is also within reach.

Working together with others can be highly productive and so the library team has designed a structured interactive space within the digital resource center to foster collaboration and engagement among members of the university community. Within the collaborative study space are various provisions for users to engage with including:

  • Relaxation space for discussion
  • An interactive platform for small group discussions and seminar presentation practice
  • ICT facilities including a smart board, wide screen TVs, laptops, iPads and other interactive surfaces
  • Free WIFI access for internet connectivity
  • Workshop and training services

This space is a personal capacity development and exploration space located within the digital resource center. It is designed to support users with presentation facilities to bring out the best in dissemination of information. Provisions and services available within this space include:

  • Practice sessions for staff and students on best presentation approaches
  • Access to ICT tools such as projectors, wide screen TVs and presentation software
  • Reservation bookings for future use

Since reading and learning are not restricted to the physical library, the library team has provided access to its e-library which is available online 24/7. The Greenfield University e-library serves as a hub for virtual/e-learning services for registered users and provides:

  • User management and control
  • Access to digital resources which can be viewed and downloaded from anywhere
  • Access to lending and reservation services of physical materials for pickup at later times
  • Online meeting and learning virtual spaces such as Google classroom, Google meets, GoToMeeting and Zoom

Institutional repository

This is a scholarly repository that keeps records of all activities and publications of staff and students of Greenfield University. All relevant materials are uploaded and archived in the repository for future references.

Resources available in the repository include conference papers, journal articles, datasets, projects and thesis, university policies, Greenfield University newsletters and magazines, videos, images, inaugural lectures and other digital resources related to Greenfield University.

Remote sources of materials outside the confines of the university can be accessed through the databases and digital books services. Functions of the databases and digital books services include:

  • Provision of online/offline digital resources to registered members of the library
  • Training of staff and students on how to access online and offline resources
  • Downloading and dissemination of digital information resources to staff and students of the university