Find Your Way to GFU

Greenfield University is a strategically located university in Kaduna state. Its location is close to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja with it being only about 100km drive away. It is also an easy connect to Kaduna town accessible through various roads in the heart of town or from the Eastern or Western by-passes.

In addition, being on the Kaduna-Abuja expressway which connects the northern and southern parts of the country means that our university is very easy to find with little to no help.

To get to Greenfield University, connect to the Kaduna-Abuja expressway from any other major road and the university is located at KM33 Kaduna-Abuja expressway. Nearby major landmarks on the expressway include Olam Farms and Alheri Prayer Camp.

For more assistance, click on the directions link on the Google map below.