Information and Communication Technology is a major component of our work. It is the backbone of everything we do in our university. Staff and students have access to the internet in the university to improve the quality of their time and work. The entire university has wireless network coverage that is constantly monitored and maintained to avoid disruption.

IT and Computing

Wireless network available for internet access

There are a number of computer labs which are available for students. The computing and mathematical science lab is setup for students in computer-based courses where they carry out practical demonstrations and programming development. There is also a computer lab in the library for students to use in their research and private study. The computers in the various labs have different software installed to help students with their different tasks.

computer lab

Computer lab

More so, the ICT unit is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has peace of mind in the university technology-wise and therefore provides services such as repair and installation, laptop loans, user management and much more.