Reasons to choose Greenfield University

There are many reasons to choose to study in Greenfield University but here are just a few.

  • Our passion and commitment to the success of our students: Every student is unique and special and so we have made the success of our students to be our mission. We will work closely with all our students to understand their goals and ambitions for their future in order to provide them with the right exposure to succeed.
  • Great courses: Our courses are carefully designed to provide our students with the skills and knowledge which will ensure that they are highly employable after graduation and can make positive impacts in society for a better future.
  • Exciting learning environment: Our lecture rooms are very conducive for learning and we have embedded useful tools in our virtual learning management system to bring excitement in course content delivery and ensure ease of engagement with course materials to all our students.
  • Extensive training and development opportunities: Our centre for innovation, entrepreneurship and personal development caters for the non-academic training of our students by exposing them to skill acquisition programs, employability and career planning advice from within the university and various sectors of industry to rigorously prepare them for swift entry into the active workforce. Students will learn about the attributes which employers seek from today’s graduates such as teamwork, quick thinking, creativity, decision making and communication skills and develop competences in these attributes.
  • Unique extracurricular activities: Outside of the lecture rooms, students will have ample opportunities to enhance their CVs by exploring extra-curricular activities which border around their interests whether it is engaging in a new sport, being a student leader or undertaking professional training.
  • Exceptional accommodation: Living in our luxurious en-suite halls of residence will provide our students with a home away from home and make them part of a vibrant community which is dedicated to being exceptional.

So for students who want to challenge themselves and study in a university which is dedicated to helping them achieve great things then Greenfield University is the perfect choice.