Here at Greenfield University, we continuously focus on creating a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere for learning and living so that every member of our university will feel strongly connected to the university.

There are different things of interest in our university campus as shown below.

As a fully-residential university, we provide accommodation in halls of residence for all our students. Living in university accommodation presents the opportunity to meet new people, make friends and learn from a wide range of experiences.

Our halls of residence are designed to provide students with a home away from home. All our rooms are spacious and en-suite with Wi-Fi networks for connectivity to the internet. Shops, laundry services and salons are available for daily essentials. Common room facilities are also available.




Our cafeteria caters for halls by providing meals throughout the day. Meal prices are affordable and everyone can choose from a wide range of dishes, drinks and snacks.

To know more about accommodation services in our university please speak to a student affairs officer

Our health services are an essential part of our service delivery to everyone in our university community to ensure their well-being and productivity. Run in partnership with NHIS, we offer services such as:

*Emergency first aid
*Minor treatments
*Ward rests

For more information or assistance, please visit the Health Center.

Sports are essential for a vibrant and enjoyable life on campus. Taking part in sports in our university is easy.
Whether it’s continuing a familiar one or trying out something new, simply sign-up to take part in any of the following:



Indoor games including chess and table tennis are available in students’ halls of residence.

Want to get competitive? Sport tournaments will be organized to challenge students who want to stand out in their chosen sport.

To know more about sports in our university, kindly visit our sports centre.

There are ample opportunities to get involved in something extra outside of the classroom. Everyone in the university can get involved in groups which showcase knowledge and talents including any one of the following:

  • Science club
  • Quiz club
  • Inventors club
  • Chess club
  • Health and fitness club
  • Student Governors and much more.

We encourage everyone in our university to practice their religion freely and fairly in a non-discriminatory and non-violent manner.

Religious tolerance and coexistence will be ensured for maintaining a peaceful and unified university community. Muslims and Christians will each have their places of worship which the university will properly supervise for control of all activities. Each religion can organize a wide range of activities to engage students and enhance their religious life but these must be done within the constructs of the privileges afforded by the university.

The university in conjunction with respective religious institutions and disciplinary bodies reserves the right to discipline anyone who displays any acts of discrimination or violence towards people of other religion.

To know more about religious worship in our university, kindly speak to any one of our religious leaders.